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Majestic® Accessories

Keep hardwood, tile and laminate floors from deteriorating by removing the dirt and dust that wear and tear at the surface.

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14-inch Floor Brush

This Floor Brush features extra-wide cleaning capability, safe for any bare floor surface including hardwood, parquet, linoleum and ceramic tile.

14-inch Horsehair Brush

Your fine/exotic hardwood deserves to have special attention, and we did just that with the Exotic Hardwood Horsehair Brush. This attachment is specifically designed to clean your hardwood with care. The soft horsehair bristles and the soft felt wheels are designed to gently clean your hardwood floor. A must-have for expensive wood floors!

Combination Floor Tool

The Combination Floor Tool is like a dry swiffer and floor cleaner in one! Quickly go from cleaning hardwood floors to area rugs without switching to a different attachment!

Flexible Crevice Tool

Great for hard-to-reach places such as underneath appliances and furniture. Includes vinyl wand and detachable brush for loosening dirt.

Hose Holder

The Hose Holder screws easily into the wall of a closet or pantry to protect and extend the life of your hose.

Tip: Never store your Majestic with the hose attached to the Power Nozzle wand. It puts unnecessary strain on the hose and could cause it to eventually tear.

Majestic Fragrances

For use on the scent pad, located under the Majestic cap. Each 2 oz. bottle lasts up to one year depending on usage.

Scent Pad

Replace your old scent pad (located under the Majestic cap) with a new pad. Use a separate pad for each fragrance.