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2016 Winner

Stephen Thomas

Linden, NC

"I purchased my FilterQueen Majestic on October 5, 2007. For many years, I have been very satisfied with my Majestic. It has cleaned better than any other vacuum I have purchased in the past. Living on a dirt road, the Majestic is a must-have. The Majestic has been a lifesaver for us because we have someone living in our home with asthma. The sad part is that recently we were caught in Hurricane Matthew and the lower part of our house was flooded with two feet of water. The Majestic was totally submerged in the water. I cleaned the Majestic out and dried it off good but needless to say, it has seen its last days. I will replace it one day but with the damage caused by the flood, it looks like it will not be affordable at this time. I still recommend the Majestic to anyone wanting to purchase it. It is a very hardworking machine and gets the dirt out from down deep."

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