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What Our Customers and Staff Are Saying
Read what our customers and staff have to say about Micron Filtration.

I am writing regarding our experience purchasing the Majestic® Cleaning System for our home. We were very impressed by David Deonier’s presentation of how the product works. He is very knowledgeable about the product and also very well-versed in health issues that may be mitigated by using the system. It felt as if we were having an old friend over to the house rather than a sales person and we greatly enjoyed his company (as did our cats).

The product works excellent. I first noticed when vacuuming the living room that the power head moved easily under the furniture, which my other vacuum was not able to do. After just the first cleaning, the carpet looked lighter and as if I had shampooed it. With my previous vacuum, I cleaned regularly. However, I am still astounded by the amount of animal hair the Majestic® is able to capture. The Majestic® also works well for cleaning out my car. I frequently transport animals to veterinary appointments, groomers, etc., and their hair gets embedded in the car’s upholstery (even with regular cleaning). With one time using the Majestic®, all of the animal hair was removed and the upholstery looked wonderful. I was also able to easily use one of the brush tools to remove dust from the dash. The product is very light, so I am able to easily move it between floors within our house, which was always a chore with our old vacuum.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend the purchase of the Majestic® Cleaning System for all of your household cleaning needs. As well, David presents the product very informatively and has exceptional regard for follow-through. Working with Micron Filtration has been an easy and hassle-free process and we will recommend their products to all of our friends and relatives.

Best Regards,

Patrick and Heidi

During the month of November, 2000, we purchased two of the Defenders® from your company. This is a letter to let you know how pleased we are with the air filtration systems. Prior to the purchase of these, the air in our office building was always stuffy and musky no matter how many windows were open for the fresh air to enter the building. Within a few hours, we were able to tell the difference in the air we were breathing. As we are leaving for the day, we turn the systems on high and turn them down in the morning when we return to work. We keep them operating at all times. The air is always fresh when we arrive for work in the mornings and seems to be fresh during the day. We did find out that it is important to change the filters in a timely manner as requested by the manufacturer. It really does make a difference in the air.

Thank you,

Process Operations Manager

I wish to commend the attention given to me by Suzie in the warehouse. My old 1954 FilterQueen® vacuum is just purring away and doing a fine job of getting up some extra dust. Suzie was polite and very diligent in solving the problems I was having.

I am sure the repairs will last my lifetime.

Thanks again to Health-Mor for a great product.


Lou Ann


Healthy Home Tips

Miroslav P.I used it on my mattress over the weekend and I believe it significantly removed the dust mites that used to cause me to wake up several times a night trying to catch my breath. This only happened twice over the past 3 nights, which is unbelievable improvement to me.

– Miroslav P., USA

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